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The Eighth Annual IBI Reunion will take place on:

Friday September 26, 2008 at O'Reilly's

Where:  O'Reilly's Pub
            54 West 31st Street (Between 6th Ave and B'way)
When:   5pm (or whenever people arrived)
Why:     For the fun of it
What:    Cash bar.  This event is not sponsored by IBI
            (or anyone else) so everyone buys their own
Please enter your email address at the Reunion Signup page so we know who is coming.

The Seventh Annual IBI Reunion was a great success.  Just over one hundred people turned up.  A few diehards were surprisingly absent (you know who you are) but we're sure they will make up for it this year.

You can see the 2007 pictures by clicking here or on the year number below or on the links at the left. 

Reunion History

Year When Where Attendees
2007 April 27th, 2007 O'Reilly's Pub Approx 110
2006 March 31st, 2008 O'Reilly's Pub Approx 100
2005 April 1st, 2005 O'Reilly's Pub Approx 110
2004 March 5th, 2004 O'Reilly's Pub Approx 100
2003 February 21st, 2003 O'Reilly's Pub Approx 130
2002 February 7th, 2002 O'Reilly's Pub Approx 120
2001 February 9th, 2001 O'Reilly's Pub Approx 150

Please visit the signup page so that we can make sure you are on the email list for 2008.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to info@ibireunion.com.

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